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Responsive to being responsive

Recent years have brought about new devices that have now become common.  Smartphones and tablets have produced a very mobile user and with that a need to ensure your designs are ‘responsive’ to the device display.  Hence, the responsive design.  In the early days of the web, designs were targeted to be displayed on computer […]

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The CMS and “De”-volving Web

Content Management Systems are great.  They give ownership back to the owner who can then control their website content.  But as a great man once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.  The responsibility is that owners need to expand skill sets to manage these platforms.  They may not be learning HTML or CSS (the […]

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Infrastructure Management

Information system development is driven by functional requirements and business processes in your organization.  When engaging in the development, the basic information technology infrastructure (IT infrastructure) can easily become forgotten. However, a reliable and scalable infrastructure is the key to successful operations. As business requirements often change, the flexibility of the IT infrastructure becomes important. […]

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