This is «IT Corps, Inc.», a Service Disabled Veteran, Woman Owned Small Business...


We have assembled a team of professionals that have over 40 years of experience.  Former CEO’s, CIO’s, and Technologists makeup our team that will deliver on time and on budget.

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The information technology era has been upon us for several decades now but companies still struggle with determining it integration within their organization.  The scope of an information technology project can be larger than initially perceived.  From the human factors to physical cost of implementation, projects require professional management in order to deliver the expected results.  IT Corps has the trained professionals that can augment your workforce to ensure a team is assembled that will not only deliver but deliver on time and on budget.

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The CMS and “De”-volving Web

Content Management Systems are great.  They give ownership back to the owner who can then control their website content.  But as a great man once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.  The responsibility is that owners need to expand skill sets to manage these platforms.  They may not be learning HTML or CSS (the traditional web technologies) but they will need to learn some new terms and tasks.  

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